Privacy Notice for the Artfia Giveaway

Program (this "Privacy Notice")

This Privacy Notice applies to the collection, use and disclosure by Artfia, Inc. ("Artfia") of information relating to individuals who participate (each, a "Participant") in any of the separate giveaways (each, a "Giveaway") that is sponsored by a Artfia content creator (each, a "Creator"), which information is collected in connection with such Giveaway and which Giveaway is part of the Giveaway program hosted and administered by Artfia (the "Program"), whereby Artfia will enable a Creator to give away by random drawing, to a Participant who is a follower of such Creator, a free Artfia product, as described in further detail in the Official Rules for the respective Giveaway.

This Privacy Notice applies in addition to, and not in lieu of, Artfia's general privacy policy, available at (the "General Privacy Policy"). The General Privacy Policy is incorporated into this Privacy Notice by reference in its entirety and each of the provisions of the General Privacy Policy applies to Program Information (as defined below).

Information Artfia Collects

In addition to Personal Information, Site Information and Performance Information (each as defined in the General Privacy Policy), in connection with any Giveaway that is part of the Program, Artfia collects the following, as relates to Participants: social media handle, email address, telephone number and shipping address (collectively, and together with all Personal Information, Site Information and Performance Information relating to the applicable Participant, "Program Information").

With whom does Artfia Share Program Information?

Artfia may share Program Information with each of the categories of third parties described in the General Privacy Policy. In addition to the foregoing, Artfia will share each Winner's name with the Creator who is associated with the Giveaway that such Winner has won.

Public Announcement of Winners

Each Participant in any Giveaway that is part of the Program is hereby advised that, if such Participant becomes a Winner of any such Giveaway, the Creator who is associated with such Giveaway may publicly announce his or her name and/or social media handle as the Winner of such Giveaway, including without limitation on social media, which may be in the form of a post, video or other medium.