10 Great Ideas for Photography Business Cards

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Get inspiration for your Photography Business Cards

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, occupations related to the photography industry are anticipated to rise to over 150,000 in the United States. Under this keen competition, it is extremely important to have a way that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Some photographers make use of social media channels to stand out from the crowd, featuring certain types of photography such as wedding, landscape and portrait and tagging their client. They want to showcase their works, prove that they can do a good job, attract potential clients, and reserve their photography business.

A creative business card is one of the popular methods for photographers to make themselves well known. It takes an essential role in photographer’s career. Some of them successfully have found their own innovative and unique business card designs. There are some amazing photography business cards that we can share with.  We hope that one of these collections helps you obtain an insight.


1. Urban Landscape Business Card

Urban Landscape

This business card template showcases a stunning urban landscape photo at the front. This realistic concept presents you as an urban photographer. This template can also be easily customized. You can replace the urban landscape photo with other photos you like to match your personality. At the bottom, you can highlight your name and profession. For presenting more contact information, you can make good use of the back side with minimal design.


2. Mixed Modern and Photographic Business Card

Mixed Modern and Photographic

This stunning business card template comes with a mixed modern and photographic design that catches people’s attention. It allows you to show your photos at the front of your business card and introduce your name as well as personal website to your potential clients. White edges on the business card look like the frame of a photo. It further highlights your photography profession.


3. Minimal Business Card


If you are a big fan of minimalism, you should not miss this amazing business card template. Both front and back sides of this business card template are clear, simple but impressive. There are not many decorations so you can fully customize it. The template can showcase your name and company logo at the back. You can also include all important details such as your email address, company website and cell phone number.


4. Gold Foil Business Card

Gold Foil

Gold foil is elegant, vibrant and eye-catching. It also represents a classy style. When it is applied on business cards, it can set you apart from other photographers. This gold foil business card template has wave-like pattern stamped with metallic gold, which surrounds your brand name or logo at the centre. It is grand and gorgeous.


5. Image Gallery Business Card

Image Gallery

The design of this business card template imitates the roll of film. It can showcase three photographic works at the front. It is designed specifically for photographers and film makers. At the back, it includes a stunning design to highlight your personal details.


6. Photography Industry Visiting Card

Photography Industry

This creative business card template is another template specific for photographer. The front side features a camera and the color is vibrant. This design gives a playful and innovative impression to your potential clients.


7. Clean Business Card


Simple design and combination of color are perfectly applied on business card. This business card template is simple and clean. It features blue and grey as the main color tune. You can also add your company logo at the front side and include your personal details at the back side. What’s more, there is a rhombus as a divider between your company name and personal details. It makes your business cards look less messy.


8. Artistic Business Card



This business card template is characterized by both minimal and artistic design. For those photographers who work with art photography, this template is perfect. You can customize the background to best suit your personality. You can also showcase your brand name at the centre of front site.


9. Portrait Business Card


Not everyone will print your business card with portrait but if you are a portrait photographer, it is an advantage for you to showcase your portrait work on your business card. It helps you catch the attention of your potential customers. If possible, you can also showcase your own portrait to make your business cards better recognized.


10. Classical Business Card


Almost all of us take color photos in this era. In other words, taking a black and white can surely make you different. This type of photo is classical and artistic. It is easy for you to catch the attention of people if you show black and white photo on your business card. This minimal design at the back also allows you highlight contact information.


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