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Relive the golden era with Photo Strips Maker by Artfia

Gone are the days when we used to capture our special moments using a vintage camera. The hassle of getting the reel printed and the endless wait for holding those priceless pictures for the first time. Now, in the day and age of digital media, we save all the trouble and time and get the desired results in a matter of seconds. 

One of the fondest memories of my childhood is getting into a photo booth and making funny faces and getting those photo strips. Now we can do all of that at the comfort of our rooms. Photo Strips Maker by Artfia gets you right in the feels. Get your hands on them to get your own personalised photo strips. 

This Photo Strips Maker provides you with:

  1. Personalised photo strips 

  2. Photo paper 

  3. One Kraft envelope 

  4. Various design tools

Artfia's Photo strips maker is a tool at the palm of your hands that gives you a real feeling of a photo booth. It comes with 10 customisable photo strips each of size 56mm x 195mm. It also comes with a Kraft envelope.