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Name Labels from Artfia

At present, many options of the name tags for kids are available to choose and buy for putting it on the things that the kid will carry to the school.  Although parents can make use of the indelible pen to write kids’ name but the best option that we would always ask mom to use is the school name labels.

To make sure that the school name labels remain at the place once put on, we will ask all to choose the personalised one and of very excellent quality. Yes, these will cost a bit more but they 100% will allow you to add more than simply the name. Arfia as a seller selling the name labels allows the parents to add the contact number and some type of icon so that the kid can easily recognize which item belongs to them. 

Arfia’s Name Labels are super durable, 100% waterproof, scratch resistant & eco solvent ink. Perfect for school or nursery items, clothing, shoes or lunch boxes. No doubt these features are very good if your kids are still young and have not learned very well to read.

Get the school name labels now for children and ensure the safety of the kid’s belongings. So, enjoy buying the school bags with the proper school name tags.