8 Tips To Become More Eco Friendly

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Nowadays we have been hearing so much about high global temperature and climate changes. According to science researchers, those environmental problems happen thanks to careless human activity. Therefore, it’s our duty to protect the environment and help to prevent environmental problems. It’s about time that we start saving our earth otherwise, we will lose the earth to live on for many more years.

So today we are going to tell you 8 tips on how to be more eco-friendly & how you can contribute yourself to a better environment.

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1.Get Rid Of Plastic Bags & Bottles

Plastic is one of the harmful materials for the environment because it will end up in the ocean & those will not only pollute the ocean but also kill sea animals. As a solution for plastic bags, you can use cardboard or cloth bag which can be recycled later.  You can use stainless steel water bottles as a substitution for plastic bottles. Artfia’s stainless steel water bottles are ideal because it will not only well for your health but also conserve the flavor and the freshness of your drink.


2.Plant Trees
Tree is an essential part of our life that help us to survive. Trees give oxygen to breathe, fruits to eat and trees clean the air, prevent soil erosion, and provide shelter to wildlife. If you want to be an eco-friendly person, don’t cut trees. Plant more trees!


3.Start A Compost Bin
Why do you buy expensive compost when you could create your own compost with things you are throwing out? Unless throwing waste food into dustbin you can collect kitchen waste food by putting them into the bin. Eventually your food waste will transform into compost. This will not only reduce waste by letting you re-use things you would normally just toss out, but they also save your money & help your plants to grow better in your garden!


4.Use Public Transportation Services
Taking your own vehicle every day to go to work is probably the most environmentally polluting thing you can do. Unless you’re driving an electric vehicle, try to choose a fuel-efficient travel option like a bike or public transport or if your office is near your home go there on foot.


5.Conserve Water
A lot of amount of energy is required to pump water from rivers into your home. That’s why you need to be conserved water. This will save the amount of energy that is needed to filter it.


6.Purchase LED Light Bulbs
LED bulbs can last more than 5 times longer than other bulbs and it is 80% more efficient because it uses less electricity than regular incandescent light bulbs. This will the demand from power plants & decreases greenhouse gas emissions. So next time when your light bulbs burn out, replace it with more eco-friendly LED bulbs.


7.Eat Less Meat And Dairy
To reduce the carbon footprint, it is a must to reduce the consumption of meat (red meat) and dairy products. Cutting down on the amount of meat consumption will reduce the overall emission of GWP gases. You can replace it with vegetables or seafood.


8.Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products
Chemical cleaning products leave a huge impact on the environment because a lot of chemicals are used in the manufacture of those cleaning products. So always consider using environmentally friendly cleaning products which are healthier for home and environment.

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