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Regardless of the social stigma formed in the past, if an item offers benefits by supporting better living conditions and matches the personality, it is always embraced by the people. Yes, the hoodie follows the same trend in many countries like Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada, and even in Eastern countries.

Many hoodie lovers also tend and prefer to personalize their hoodie in Australia and other nations also by adding their custom prints and designs. But one thing is for sure, personalized hoodie culture is growing. It is being used both by individuals and groups alike.

What types of personalization on hoodies are most common?

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Winter color customization on a hoodie

 Color customizations are made on the material itself. As it is a matter of preference and not guided by any rule, the color of the hoodie is dependent on nothing else.

However, if someone is buying a personalized hoodie for winter in Australia, then they may choose to order the black or dark color hoodie with light colors in print. The color choice can be made by anyone.

Hoodie material for winter

 Though the material of the hoodie is mostly 100% cotton, it is not always the case when individuals try to personalize. Mostly, personalization is done to make it stand out or make it better, right? So people have a plethora of choices in this regard also.

However, as the hoodie can be used as internal or external wear during winter; most people still prefer cotton material.  This type of choice is made by a rational utilitarian individual.

Shapes to use for personalization

 Different shapes can mean different things when you are designing. Further, a combination of shapes can give out the logical meaning and artistic vision at the same time.

Falling snow or warm sun can give out a different vibe to different people while they may share a common meaning to all. This type of personalization is preferred by most people with an artistic sense.

Texts or slogans design

This is the most dynamic part to customize a hoodie. Anyone may choose from any quotes available to print on their hoodie. People even have their own saying printed on the hoodie. When it is a personalization made by a group, mostly the name of the group, slogan of the group, or similar is printed in the hoodie. So, when you’re personalizing your purchase, make sure that the quote you picked up from the street doesn’t belong to some group, just to make you unique.

Image print on your hoodie

It is said that an image gives out meaning equal or more than 1000 words. And that is absolutely true because a portrait carries expression and emotions. The scenery may remind of serenity.

And, even the image of an object may carry the meaning of – just an object or the value of it for the individual. The image that you print can carry a lot of meaning if you choose to print it on your personalized hoodie and people who see that, will see through you.


These are some of the common design elements when you personalize your hoodie but if you want to get something more artistic, you can always seek an expert opinion.

After all, why should you hesitate to initiate a conversation about something that you will be wearing and walking tall in the streets of Australia, USA, Canada, HongKong, India, or any other nation of the world!

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