The Top 18 Photography Magazines

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Photography Magazines You Should Pick Up

In this contemporary society, it is easy for you to find unlimited photography blogs and tutorial videos either through searching engine or on YouTube. Have you ever thought that these learning materials are not well organized or even not trustworthy? Everyone can write blog articles, film video clips and upload them to the Internet but the content may not be reliable and valid enough. No professional editors review and revise the content. If you really want to know more knowledge about photography with good topics and fruitful content, you better put down your mobile devices, and pick up a print likes a magazine.


Although everything goes digital, so does a magazine, it is still an amazing experience to hold a print copy of it. It is totally a different experience to flip through a piece of physical paper and see the image and well-written content. You might say digital version can help save the environment by reducing paper consumption. From my point of view, a print version is still valuable.

A printed magazine is easy for our eyes. You can get inspiration for the vintage point as well as composition. It is especially useful when you are travelling. Grab one photography magazine in the destination you travel and it is good for your travel photography. Many photography magazines will give your exclusive and professional advice for your shooting which you might not find in the digital version.

However, even though you understand the benefits of a photography magazine, you may wonder which one you should pick up. There are bunches of photography magazine you can choose from but which one best suit your need? I have made a review on the photography magazines which you can commonly find in the market. I finally select the top 18 of them you can consider. I hope that you can save your time on flipping through all the photography magazines and find one that helps you obtain inspiration.


1. Outdoor Photographer Magazine


Outdoor Photographer Magazine is a good magazine if you are interested in outdoor photography such as natural landscape, travel and adventure sports. It is a magazine specialized in exploring the nature. It will review photographic gear and accessories you need, report news and provide tutorials to improve your skills. The content is contributed by professional photographers so that the tips and advice are reliable. There is a session called “Locations Guide” which suggests photographic adventures. This magazine is suitable for outdoor photographers at all levels from amateurs to advances.


2. Popular Photography

Popular photography

As its website mention, “Popular Photography is a one-stop resource for digital camera reviews, photography tips, camera gear, photos, and so much more”. Popular Photography, also called Pop Photo, provides many useful advices for beginners and intermediate photographers. I am sure readers can learn a lot of great technique from reading this magazine. Essential camera stats are provided so that you can try out the technique instantly. What is also worth mentioning is that the article in this magazine is well-written, well research and journalistic.


3. Aperture


Founded by Aperture Foundation in 1952, Aperture magazine shares great photograph works by digital photo pro. It is published by seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each issue is published with a specific theme.

Aperture aims to connect the photography community and readers with the most inspiring work and to raise the overall quality. The essay published has a mission on raising the level of discourse and thought about the photography. If you are very serious to photography and want to push yourself to keep in track with the photography community, Aperture is surely what you are seeking.


4.  Digital Photographer Magazine

Digital Photographer

The Digital Photographer magazine is magazine for those enthusiasts and professional photographers who desperate for cultivating their skills and purifying their portfolio. The contents are contributed by experts in the industry to professional photographers who want expert advice and expert review on the latest technology about photography

For beginner and intermediate digital photographers who want to improve their skill, the section called “Behind the scenes” is great. It shows readers how the professional photographers work. As one of the best photography magazines in United Kingdom, the magazine covers various styles such as landscape, astrophotography, architecture, etc.


5. Shutterbug


Shutterbug is a photography magazine published in the United State. It provides readers with photo tips, How-Tos, news, review and large number of photographs. The photographs are provided by artists and audiences, with descriptions and reasons to submit a photo. The balance between various sections is well maintained. The articles are also well written with great photographs and well designed layout.


6. B&W

Black & White

B&W is a fine art photography magazine featuring black and white photography. Taking black and white photography is difficult. B&W magazine is a perfect guide for those who are interested in black and white photography or collectors of black and white art. It includes various photography topics such as documentary and photography contests. In spite of the fact that most of us take photographs with digital camera, B&W is still popular.


7. PhotoLife 


As a pioneer photography magazine in Canada, PhotoLife provides fabulous photos with technical details and tips. It is easy for beginner and intermediate photographers to learn and improve their photographic skills. If you want to follow the trend of photography community and be closely connected with it, PhotoLife is a good choice for you. It keeps updating the industry news as well as events audience can participate in.


8. Click


Click is a magazine embraced by warmth and optimism. The writing style and tone is very positive, motivate and inspirational. This magazine is written in female perspective. There are many sections interviewing the life of female photographers and publishing baby and child photography. Regardless of the “feminism”, male photographers also can take reference with this magazine.

Click has a unique section called “Critique” where photos are reviewed by professionals in term of light, composition, posing, color and focus selection. The critique is useful for photographers and readers as they can make improvement accordingly.


9. Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World is a magazine published annually. It is a photography magazine featuring DSLR, mirrorless photography and photo-editing. Its topics range from the latest gear, tutorials, inspiration to product review. It is a great photography magazine for beginners and intermediate photographers who are seek camera advice and stats. It is also suitable for those amateurs and professional photographers who look for new skills and inspiration.

Digital Camera World has organized a Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2019. The award is free to enter. Winners will be featured in Digital Camera magazine, sister publication as well as on its social media channels.


10. Silvershotz


Found in 1998 in Australia, Silvershotz was called Black & White Enthusiast a photography journal. It originally features only articles and tips about Black and White film and darkroom. The magazine title was sold in 2002 and then was re-named Silvershotz in 2004 when the production and distribution moved to the United Kingdom. The magazine terminated the regular print in 2014 and started focusing on its digital edition. But they do have an annual book each year featuring the best portfolio from online publication

This magazine showcases the best photo from the globe. The content is reviewed and edited by sophisticated editor so as to guarantee the quality of the magazine. The content of magazine includes photography technique, themed articles, portfolios, interviews, book reviews and issues related to the photography awards in the world.


11. Photograph


Photograph is a small magazine when you compare it with other magazines mentioned. It just likes a diary or a journal but it still features book reviews and photographer portfolio. Although they are only a page long, readers can still know what is happening in the community of the fine art photography.

Photograph also indicates information about the current gallery shows held in New York City and include the street maps. If you are traveler to New York and want to know more about the fine art, you can pick up a Photograph magazine.


12. Foam Magazine


Foam Magazine is an international magazine issued three times a year. It features a variety of topics, ranging from the historic to contemporary photography and from documentary to fashion. As an awarded magazine, Foam Magazine includes various high quality content likes portfolios, interviews and comments regarding photography. All is selected and edited by professional and experienced experts in the photography industry. For those who decide to keep up-to-dated to the photography community, Foam Magazine is surely the magazine you should pick up.

In addition, Foam Talent Call 2019 is now open for artists. You may have a chance to have your works published in the magazine.


13. Nature Photography Magazine

Nature Photography

Published three times a year in the United State, Nature photography magazine targets both beginner and professional nature photographers who had big interest in taking shots for wildlife and landscape. The content of the magazine mainly focuses on explaining how to shoot a natural photograph. These “How to” articles are good tutorials for photographers to improve their skills.

What is worth mentioning is that this magazine also includes natural history information and provokes kindness to the Earth. It encourages photographers to be part of the nature in order to keep researching shooting location and creating high quality image.


14. Digital SLR Photography Magazine

Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photograhy Magazine is a magazine for beginners and amateurs. It provides many basic techniques of digital photography that photographers at entry level should learn from. To encourage beginners, the magazine includes a section called “Readers’ showcase” where they can submit their photographic work taken with basic technique and gear. On the other hand, there is an expert critique section where the photographs submitted by readers will be under critique and the experts will explain how to take the photography in a better way. This is a great way for beginners and amateur to learn how to take great photographs.


15. Professional Photographer Magazine

Professional Photographer Magazine

Professional photographer magazine is an over 100-year-old magazine in America. It features advice for professionals who want to get inspiration to be successful and take their career a step further. The advice includes photography equipment reviews, photography tutorials and business tips.  The advice is given by commercial photographers so that readers can know what the professionals are doing. It helps reader to learn from profession advice and improve their business.


16. Capture Magazine

Capture Magazine

As a top magazine published bi-weekly in Australia, Capture Magazine features a lot of topics professional photographers consider, such as successful career in  photography business, gear review, studio techniques, copyright issues, etc. It also covers various aspects of photography likes fashion, portraits, architecture, landscape and wedding. If you are looking to step up your business, Capture Magazine is what you should pick up.

This magazine showcases the portfolio of successful photographers and their work and renovates the latest information of photography technique and gears. It also provides information of photography contest.  


17. Black+White Photography


Published in the United Kingdom, Black+White Photography is a magazine focusing on contemporary images in black and white. Unlike B&W which is fine art magazine, Black+White Photography is mass-marketing magazine. It also offers sections talking about techniques, tips, product news, review, competition and workshops. The technique section is educational. It offers specific and clear tips for how the photographs are taken.

Black+White also offers readers a chance to have their work published. Readers’ photographs are given sufficient space to be showcased. For the featured reader photographer section, two out of three are full-paged. It is a great magazine for beginner and intermediate photographers.


18. Amateur Photographer Magazine

Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer Magazine was first published in October 1884 in the United Kingdom. It is now published weekly. If you are a beginner and an amateur who wants to improve your photography skills or upgrade your gears, this magazine is suitable for you. This magazine provides photography equipment review and technical tips on photographic gears. It also has a photo insight section where the techniques behind a particular photograph would be explained, and a “Readers’ spotlight” section where readers’ photographs are showcased.

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