6 tips for creating eye-catching business cards

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Having an eye catching Business Card is very important

A Business Card is the simplest but the most effective way to communicate with your potential customers and business partners. With a creative business card, it is easy for you to stand out from the crowd. It is generally believed that making an eye-catching business card is difficult, requiring artistic sense and professional knowledge of design. Yes, it is but it doesn’t mean you cannot make one on your own. In the following, I would like to give you 7 tips on creating eye-catching business cards which showcase your own style.


1. Contact Information


Everything comes from the basic. A good business card always includes personal information such as your name, job title, email, cell phone number, etc. Few people will also leave their working place’s address. Since there are limited spaces on your business cards, you should only include the information you think the most important. However, no matter what information you want to provide, please make sure to keep them at least 5mm from the trim edge.


2. Logo


If you are working in an enterprise, it is for sure that your business cards must have the company logo. If you are however a freelance graphic designer or photographer, you may still need a logo, which shows a professional image to other business people, and your potential clients and customers. To optimize the quality, the image of your logo should be at 300 dpi.


3. Design/Artwork


In principle, the design of business cards should be simple, making the cards clear and streamlined. If you were a designer, you would know what I mean. But not all people are in this field. So, how can you get a stunning design for your business cards? I suggest finding a professional design service to deal with this. Of course, they will charge you a sum of money. If you find that it is a financial burden, you can still find many design templates on the web.


4. Paper Types

Paper Type

Apart from the design, paper types also matter. There are various papers you can choose for your business cards, such as woodfree papers, textured papers, and pearl papers. Each paper type can give a particular impression. Woodfree papers are natural and straightforward; textured papers are sophisticated; pearl papers are elegant. Choose the best paper type that suits you best and your business cards will look different.


5. Special Effects

Special Effects

The most effective way to add impact on the business is to add special finishes. They include lamination (matt, gloss and matt silk), UV-spot, foil stamping and embossing etc. They will add extra cost to your business cards but they are worthy. The special finishes not only make the cards more visually appealing but also more memorable.


6. Printing Company

Printing Company

Finding a reliable printing company to print your stunning business cards is vital. It highly influences your printed quality as well as purchasing experiences. A good print company is able to give you sound advice on making your business cards, likes the papers you should choose and the design that suits your personality. There are many online printing companies such as JoinPrint, Vistaprint and PsPrint, that are good enough to answer all your questions on printing business cards.

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