How to make personalised name labels?

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We use name labels for certain projects like organizing files, indicating their owner and other identifying information. Whether you want to extend your branding from your business logos into the products that you are selling, hosting a business event, to creating branded name labels for the next big trades or a child's party. Unique and interesting name labels will make networking much more efficient.

You might be surprised that, if I tell you can create your own personalised name labels and tags on your own. You can transfer your ideas into your dreamed personalised name labels after reading this article.

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So let's get started.

What are the things you need to understand before making personalised name labels?

  • The orientation of the label

Labels can be printed horizontally or vertically. But I think printing them horizontally is better as it gives more space to write your words on it. But you can print them as you prefer.


  • The theme of the label

You need to understand your needs. If you are making name labels for your upcoming event you need to corporate the theme of your event into the name labels. You should use the same colors, symbols, and/or graphics to tie everything together.


  • Font type and size

Name labels are meant to be read, so it's best to make your labels with an easily readable way. I guess Serif and sans serif fonts are ideal over the script and handwritten for that purpose. Larger fonts are also favored and sometimes paired with all caps and/or bold formatting. 


  • Color choices

When you print the names you need to avoid low-contrast colors like yellow on white. Also if the background color is too strong, you won't be able to see the names clear enough. That’s why you need to pay more attention while choosing colors. 


After having an idea about the above details, you can get started making your name labels.

When it comes to personalisation, you can use an online platform to personalise your desired name labels. I have pointed down the steps you need to follow. 

  1. Make your basic layout 

Your brand name, logo and product name are some of the elements that you need to include in your name label. So first you need to plan your label by creating a rough draft of your layout.  When you are satisfied with your final draft outcome, then you can proceed to design the visual elements themselves.


  1. Design your label with an eye-catching visual

Designing part is the most important step in effective labels. You need to think about your business or about the purpose of making this label and then design it. You need to match colors across your product lines so that your target market associates these colors to you.


  1. Start to do your personalisation

You can customise your labels easily. Using an online platform you can customise your name, pictures. 


  1. Match the size of your label with your container.

We can use our personalised name labels for many surfaces. So you should keep your product containers in mind when choosing the right size for your name label.


  1. Print a proof label

To ensure the quality and the mistakes of our name label, print a sample label first. If everything seems all right then you can start printing your personalised name labels.

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