How to use iron on name labels?

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A name label is a label that are apply to items to point out their owner and other identifying information or labels that are wear by people as a sort of identification. Name labels may sometimes be mention as name tags. Name labels come in a variety of forms, including badges and cards, self-adhesive labels, plates or plaques, sew-in labels, iron on name labels, clip on tags, and tie-on tags or tickets. They can be write, etched, or printed, and were made from a spread of materials, including paper, fabrics, card, wood, metals, or plastics. 

When it comes to ironing on name labels, there are several important guidelines to follow. If you don't do these processes in the correct way you may end up with very poor adhesion to the garment.

Since there are many types of label material, it takes normally 3 - 10 seconds ironing time (after heating the iron) depending on the fabric you are ironing.

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If the material is very thin, it will need only a couple of seconds. (e.g. hanky) Some thicker materials will need one strong press and then an iron over the top for 5 or 8 seconds. (e.g. jeans)  Every iron is slightly different from its heat output so just iron them on, and after it's cooled, try to pick it off. You need more heat if it comes away easily. After the process of ironing, you should leave your label to cool ideally 24 hours down before washing it.

We've pointed simple steps to ensure the best results on applying iron on name labels.

  1. Turn your iron's steam mode is off and set it to "dry mode" - Make sure your iron's water tank reservoir is totally empty of water. If there is water, it will create steam and that may cause the writing to blur and will give a very poor adhesion to the garment.
  2. Heat your iron to in-between cotton and linen setting.
  3. Remove the printed label from the backing sheet and position it in place.
  4. Place the supplied silicone paper over the printed label.
  5. Press down firmly with the iron for 10 seconds - you need to hold the iron down for 10 seconds to make sure the heat goes through the material.
  6. Lift your iron. Then you need to re-iron over the top, moving the iron around, for several more seconds (This process depends on the thickness of the material) - If your name label material is thick you may have to do it a little longer. 
  7. Remove the silicone paper immediately and allow it to cool.
  8. After removing the silicon paper, if you feel the label is not smoothly adhered to the garment, you have to repeat the process again with turning up the temperature of your iron very slightly or applying slightly more pressure.
  9. Once your label has been apply, please do not wash the garment for 24 hours.
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