Why Design Matters

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Design is more than just making a thing look good

When it comes to the question of what it is design, many just think it is just about making things beautiful. Some may even look down what design can bring them with. As a matter of fact, a good design is powerful than what you think.


1. Make a good impression


A good design can make a good impression to the audience. A visually appealing product or website can catch the attention of audience longer. It is especially important in this digital era where information flow is fast and audience forgets what they have seen easily. Making a nice design can make your products memorable.


2. Communicate with customers


Good design is not only about good looking but helps to communicate with customers. It can reflect the brand, products and services, value and personality when it does well. Designers make good use of fonts, colors and images to create design that leads to clear communication. It needs professional knowledge rather than just make something pretty.


3. Create the brand


A good design should be consistent. Your brand logo, colour, value should be consistent to create a remarkable image. Although it may not do harm to your brand in short term if your design is not consistent, it may be destructible in long run: your audience cannot remember your brand; even if they remember, your brand is still forgettable. So please do good and consistent design to create your brand


4. Stand from the crowd


When products have similar prices and functions, we tend to choose a more good looking one. It is a human nature to do so. We prefer visually appealing things and we believe in them, although the fact is totally opposite. By this logical, a good design is a resort to make your band stand out from the crowd. If you are running an online store, please do experiment on UX and UI to increase your website’s traffic; if you are making your business cards, a good artwork helps to advertise yourself. A good design can help you go a long way.


5. Encourage your audience to take action

take action

This point is easy to be understood if you are now promoting an event or brand with advertisement, possibly in form of TVC, print advertisement, social media posts or simply leaflets. A well-designed advertisement can encourage people to buy your products and services or join your campaign more easily. It can also do so by sharing a value.



Design can alter your perception and experience of products, services and company brand. A good design does much more than you expected. It does not simply make something aesthetically appealing, but also boost your sale and creates your brand. If you want to go far, please make a good design.


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