5 tips on holiday cards

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Give your blessing with your holiday card!!

We have many festivals to celebrate to in a year. It means we have many opportunities to send holiday cards to your friends and relatives. If you are running businesses, you will also send card to your business partners as well as customers in order to promote your brand. However, almost every company will do the same thing as you and it is not an easy task to impress your customers. So, we have 5 tips here and hope they are useful to you.


Make the Cards Personal

Card Personal

Many business holiday cards have standardized design and are sent to the customers on behalf of the businesses. However, customers are indifferent to these cards, as they know that all other customers receive the same holiday cards. This means you have to make your card personal and original. Please spend time to include individual messages in the business card. You can also delivery the messages from a particular person such as the founder so as to make the card more personal.


Customized Design

Customized Design

It is very convenient to print you business cards with design templates offered by online printing companies or found in websites of online resources. However, your holiday will not be impressive and memorable. You have to budget the holiday cards and may hire a professional designer to design the cards. The point is to make the cards unique and memorable.


Remain Neutral

Remain Neutral

Holiday cards for religious and cultural festival such as Christmas can be offensive to some clients if the card delivers wrong messages. Therefore, the best way is to make it neutral. A simple greeting is enough for most of the customers. You are not encouraged to do more than that unless you are sure about your customers’ belief.


Make it simple

Make it simple

Most of us will lick envelopes for the holiday cards. But it is time-consuming. Why don’t you seal the envelopes with amazing stickers? I am sure the result must be good.

You can also use address labels so that you do not need to write your address repeatedly. Make it funny and eye-catching and your customers will feel the same way.


Send your holiday cards early

send early

It is a good idea to send your holiday cards to your customers earlier. You are not supposed to send the cards until the last minutes or your customers might think that you are so rush. You need the right timing to maximize the impact. Plan ahead and have the card ready for printing at least half of a month earlier, and do take note of the average delivering time.

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