7 advice for creating sharable social media content

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Content creation is an important aspect for digital and social media marketing

Content creation is an important aspect for digital and social media marketing. Nearly all companies, whether it is small and medium-sized enterprise or international companies, are engaged in content creation in order to promote their brand. However, not every enterprise manages to create engaging content. In other words, they fail to achieve the true purpose of content creation.

In fact, creating intriguing content is not as difficult as you think. There are many ways to do so. In the following, I will suggest several practical advises for content creation. Kindly following them and you will get more interactions in your social media channels.


1. Make good use of your smart phone

smart phone

You may wonder if you have to buy expensive shooting equipment to create visual image. I will say your smartphone is already good enough to create astonishing content. With iPhone, Android phones, together with editing apps, it is possible to make an amazing image. Of course, the quality of image may not be as high as those taken with professional camera. But please remind that you just have to post the content on social media channels. You don’t need an extremely high-resolution image. Smartphone is also more convenient in posting content in social media channels.


2. Develop an image gallery

image gallery

It is common to take many shots for a single product or scene from different angles.  You will post the best one to social media channels. However, each social media channel has its own setup. An image, which is the best for one channel, may not be suitable for others. What you should do is to keep all the photos you take. Don’t delete them. When you go through all the shots you take, you may accidentally find a way to make good use of these images. For instance, you can crop out a part of image for details and lets your audiences have a closer look.


3. Add value

Add Value

A good content not only can boost the sale, but also adds value to the life of customers. Your customers should be able to put the content into practice that helps them overcome the problems they encounter. If they cannot benefit from the content you create, barely can they build brand loyalty on your company. To add value to content, you have to tell a good story beyond the products or services. You customers are human and they relate themselves to good stories.


4. Rely on feedback


One of the strengths of social media is that you can get instant feedback about your brand from your customers. If you make content that they do not want to see, less interactions are received. But if you really create amazing content, your customers not only comment it, but also share them to their friend-zone. Keep your customer in mind and obtain insight from their feedback. Only by doing so can you create engaging content that your customers want to see.


5. Emotion


Emotion is an important part in human beings. Happiness, sadness, anger and fear are some of the basic emotional reaction humans have. Therefore, they are powerful in motivate your customer. Many contents went successful because of their ability of triggering emotion. However, you have to be careful not to trigger an emotional reaction, which is not relevant to your brand. If your brand is paired with energetic and young image, you should trigger happiness in your content.


6. Beware of the Trend


Bewaring of the trendy topics is what every social media marketer has to do everyday. You should always keep track with what is happening in social media channels and correspondingly create shareable content that your customers are interested in. Social media is always in fast peace and it is hard to follow it. However, it is still what you should do.


7. Video


Video takes an important part of social media content. It especially does a good job in Facebook. They can be engaging, funny and entertaining. Video creation has a high potential to go viral. Therefore, apart from graphics and photos, you better embed video production into your content creation strategy.

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