7 creative ways to use your stickers

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A sticker is multi-functional

Stickers have been used for various aspects such as advertising, price tagging and exposure over many years. However, have you thought of any creative way to use your stickers? Stickers can be amazing and entertaining if you use them in a totally different way. In the following, I will suggest 7 creative ways to use stickers. You may find some of them very surprising.


1. Sticker Seals

sticker seals

One of the creative ways to use stickers is sticker seal. You can enclose the takeaway packages with logo stickers. With stunning design, the stickers can be placed decently on the package. Not only can it beautify the takeway packages, but also promote the brand to the customers. Let’s imagine: when customers purchase the take-out, they will surely pay their attention on the logo stickers on the packages and memorize the brand name.


2. QR Code

QR code

QR codes are very common now. They are effective in conveying messages to targeted audiences. It is a good idea to print your QR codes on the stickers in order to promote your brand. Through QR codes, customers can be directed to your website or online stores where they can understand more about your company, products and services. You can also offer exclusive discount to customers who have scanned your QR code. It is cost-effective and highly accessible.


3. Stickers in Business Cards


Business cards represent your identity. To stand out from the crowd, everyone wants to make them stunning. But have you thought of making stickers on your business cards? Receivers of your business cards are less likely to dump away your business cards since they can place your stickers on everywhere they want. It’s funny and creates a great impression. If you want to make stickers on your business cards, please pay more time and efforts to make them awesome.


4. Wifi Password

wifi password

Whenever you go into a coffee shop, other than a cup coffee, you also want a WiFi password for your mobile device to go online. But it is annoying to go to the front time every time and ask for a password. With WiFi password printed on the stickers, you can avoid this problem. When customers make a purchase, your customer service assistants can give customers receipts as well as the stickers with password. Or you can simply place the stickers on the desk. It is a good method to promote your brand!!


5. Sticker in a Pack

sticker in a pack

Another way to use stickers is making them in a pack. You can hire a professional designer to create astonishing sticker packs, which are related to your company. The packs are not only products, but also a way of promotion. Your customers can purchase them for their own use, or give them as presents to their kids and friends. Your brand name is therefore spread to other people in process.


6. Conference Badges

conference badges

Stickers can be conference badges as well. You can plan ahead at every conference to give attendees well-designed conference badges. Using stickers as conference badges is a great way to promote your brand when you are meeting and greeting new people. Wha’s more, conference meeting is busy and attendees always rush between sessions. A floorplan can be printed on the badges to give attendees a better understanding about direction


7. Wall Sticker

wall sticker

Wall stickers are totally different from normal stickers in term of size and shapes. They can be a great decoration for wall. One of the problems for using wall stickers is that they should be sticky enough to stay on the wall but at the same time be removable. However, with a good theme and design, wall stickers are a very powerful tool for promotion.

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