Use Custom-Designed Curriculum Vitae to Reach Desired Career Heights

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You make the first impression with your CV and only then can you impress a recruiter. As competitive as the job market already is, the fierceness just increased with the COVID 19 pandemic.

So, you already know how important it is to approach any career opportunity with a custom-designed CV template.

Countless people have gone jobless overnight. It is sad news and calls in for sympathy or empathy and support. But to survive this situation, you also need to be strong and make a great impact on the recruiters.

Along with displaying all the right credentials for the job, you also need to present them in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

For anyone who might be looking forward to making a career move, we encourage you to check our strategically designed CV templates.

And, if you know someone who might need these templates, you’ll be helping them by sending them a link to this post.

If you are wondering why you should use our templates, here is the main reason:

Even if you have the right keywords in your CV and get past that automatic filtering software, a potential employer will spend less than a minute to reject you - unless you present your information in a well-designed manner.

Now, here are some of our tips for you to secure your desired position with our custom-designed CV.

  1. Make sure that you update your CV according to the job specifications.
  2. Highlight the core competencies that you achieved during your previous jobs.
  3. Include those numbers! Quantifiable is measurable and that sets your CV on top.
  4. Don’t hesitate to include references, they show who can vouch on your performance.
  5. Add a personal touch on your CV, recruiters are hiring a person, not a machine!
  6. Understand the organizational culture and check if you can work on the given premise.
  7. Important: Don’t add any fake lines just to secure an interview!

Matching and Contrasting your custom-designed CV with Your Profession

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This is what most applicants don’t even think about, so it is a point where you can and will win. It is a common pattern of the majority of applicants to simply lay out their information in pdf files. What is worse is the Microsoft Word file attachment. And worst of all is the outdated CV or outdated pdf generated information from LinkedIn or similar profile.

When you are applying for a job that you’re about to work on a full time or part-time basis, you need to take the first process seriously. You should target to get the attention of the potential recruiter.

If you are applying for a ghost writer’s position, your pdf or LinkedIn profile may work just fine, if there are links to your previous works.

But, when applying for a position like UI/UX designer or graphics designer, your CV cannot be a simple Microsoft Word document. It is a sin committed against your profession. So let your CV show your designer's sense. This is when you are matching your profession with your CV – presentation of who you are! Keep thoughts about this when you are applying for any public-facing roles.

However, when you are applying for a backend position like a database or programmer, you don’t need to send in a boring and dull CV. If you don’t like the unformatted codes, why should you keep your CV without any bright color tones? This is what contrasting your CV is, using the custom-designed CV to present an outstanding personality in front of your recruiter.

After all, making the first impression with your CV is important and as this holds the key to your career success, we openheartedly invite you to consult with about the design aspect of your CV when using one of our CV templates.

All the very best for your next career move!

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