7 advice to build a strong network

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A strong network is the key to success

It is undoubtedly that a strong network is the key to success. Without connection, it is difficult to get a job or build up a successful business. You have to meet new people to develop network. However, people find it very difficult. Whether you can develop the network depends on your current situation. Attending school is a good way for networking but many of you were not students anymore. So, how do you build your network? There are 7 advice for you to do so.


1. Join Alumni Club

Alumni Club

Although you might not be a student anymore, you are still able to join the alumni club of your college. Alumni club is a good place for starting the development of network. You surely have something in common with people in the alumni club. It also organizes various professional events and social events where you can start conversation easily.

To join the Alumni Club, you can kindly contact the administrative office of your college.


2. Participate in interest class

interest class

You should have a hobby. If not, find one. Hobby can be very powerful in developing network. Say you are interested in photography and want attend a photography class. No matter which level of class (beginner or advance) you attend, you will meet somebody who has the same hobby with you. It is a good chance to get along with your classmates. Talk to them about the hobby, their value and then career. You may meet new job and business opportunities through attending the interest class.


3. Take part in volunteer work

volunteer work

If you really do not have a hobby, engaging in volunteer work is another good option. It will be an advantage since some job interviewers will consider social career as an important aspect for hiring a suitable candidate. In an organization, volunteering is also a good chance to expand your network. At least your colleagues will know that you care


4. Social mindset

social mindset

Some people may be too shy to meet new people. But leaving the comfort zone can expand your horizon. Try to be friend with people you meet and exchange your business cards with them. Try to join a meet up, invite a friend to join and ask each friend to bring a new friend to a meet up. Simply being social can largely expand your social circle and meet new opportunities.


5. Build deep connection

deep connection

Building deep connection means you are not only “connect” people, but also make friend with them. What you have to do is to start a conversation based on true friendship. Try not to talk about business at the first encounter. You can talk about hobby (mentioned in point 2), ask open-ended questions and respond to questions with better answer. By doing so, you will understand a person better and consequently form a deep connection.


6. Be a superconnector


One of the most efficient ways to grow a network is to introduce two people who can be mutually benefited. Keep introducing a person to another one is a rare experience not everyone has. If you have this experience, you can be said a superconnector.

Being a superconnector is difficult. It requires a high mentality, and willingness to connect, give and share. Despite these difficulties, everyone wants to connect to superconnector who possesses social resources. Set a long-term goal to be a superconnector and you can earn a lot.


7. Reconnect


Even though you try your best to make people and keep contact, there must be someone you cannot keep in touch with. Don’t feel shy to reconnect them. They may be the right person you miss out. Take your own initiative in building up a network and when it is done, you will see a new world.

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