7 Tips For Designing A Product Label

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A Product Label can be incredibly powerful in marketing

You may wonder why your products are not competitive enough even though they are very useful. In fact, you have to do something to attract your customer. One thing you can do is design an incredible product label. It helps your customers identify the products you offer and make them more attractive. A nice label can boost the sale as the potential customers may buy your products just because they are memorable. There are 7 tips for you to create a great product label.


1. Readability


Products label can be the logo of the brand, the name of products, or a tag line as a product description. Therefore, the product labels should be highly readable. The text is clear, with appropriate font size. What’s more, the color of image should be in contrast with the color of background in order to increase the readability. You should also wisely choose the color, which reflects your brand value.


2. White Space

white space

White space is important to the design of product labels in a sense that it can create visual distinction. It also helps separate different label information so that customers can read the details more easily, especially when you have quite a lot of product information to present.


3. Typography pairing

Typography pairing

Choosing the fonts, which can match the design of label and the nature of product, is important. For products such as red wine, you can choose fonts that can reflect elegance. Another thing that is worth mentioning is brand consistency. You may have many marketing materials such as business cards, flyers and brochures. Keeping your typeface consistent will be an advantage.


4. Decorations and Illustration

Decorations and illustration

Product labels sometimes require graphic decoration and illustration. They are able to showcase your products more visually. The design is all depended on the product itself, resulting in various color combination and images. A vibrant image can also easily catch the attention of customers.


5. The Label Size

The label size

The size of your product will also influence the size of your product labels. Customers may require both front and back labels for a product, or even multiple labels. In case of multiple labels, the front label includes the logo and brand name while the back label includes the rest of information.


6. Originality


Please make sure that the product labels designed are memorable, eye-catching and original. Don’t be a copycat. Otherwise, your products are not able to stand out from the crowd. It might also mislead the first-time customers that your products are belonging to another brand.


7. Contact information

contact information

If the space is enough for your product labels, adding your contact information likes website address, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) is a good idea. It makes sure that your customers can reach you and provide useful feedback after they have read the product labels. It encourages your customers to communicate with you.

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