How to make engaging social media posts?

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Social media shows a great user engagment

Social media is embedded into your daily life but making an engaging social media post can be complex and difficult. You might have searched for lots of information and still cannot get the main point. Here we summarize a few points you should know and hope they are helpful to you.


Visual Content

Visual Content

On social media, visual content is more likely to catch audience’s attention. It receives more interaction than only text and link. People on social media like something funny and creative. To make engaging feeds, you should pay more effort on visual content such as photo, graphic and video.


Good quality photography


If you want to post photographs on your social media platform, do not just search for them from Google or use random photos. You may fall into a copyright issue. But, where can you find photos, which are free from this issue? In fact, there are various websites where you can find high quality photos for free. They include “Stokpic”, “Canva” and “Pixabay”.


Live Video

Live Video

Live Video is getting popular on social media for recent year, and this trend appears to last for a next couple of years. Live video started from Facebook and now other social media platforms also launched their live feature. To make it effective and engaging, please go live with purpose. Live video is often for broadcasting event and making important announcement. Before going live, you should promote it on your page and inform your followers of it.

Emoticons and Emojis


Emoticons and emojis are powerful tools on social media. Not only are they the best substitute for text, but also visually show feelings and emotion. To make your social media posts more engaging, it is a good idea to use more emoticons and emojis in the posts.




Hashtags are important on social media platforms in a sense that they help customers to find relevant content and connect your posts to target audiences. Please keep your hashtags conversational, relevant to the posts, and simple. Please avoid using too general hashtags. Otherwise, your posts may not be exposed to your targeted audience.


Customer Review

Customer Review

As most of the people will look at customer reviews, it is a good idea to share what your customers think about your social media channels as well as your products and services. Positive comments can increase your trustworthiness and make your channel more engaging as a whole. You can also ask for the experience of your audience if you are running a social media campaign.


Cooperate with Influencers and Bloggers

Influencers and Bloggers

Apart from customer reviews, another effective way to boost engagement is to cooperate with influencers and bloggers. For instance, if you are running an online printing company, which is specialized in printing business cards, you can invite some YouTubers to review your products and services. They may need compensation but it is worthy.


There are a lot of methods to boost the engagement rate and connect to your targeted audience. Do keep updated to the latest trend of social media and create eye-catching content that results in maximized result.


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